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Warwickshire Life, May 2012

Warwickshire Life Interview with Rosie Lowry - Page 1

Rosie was interviewed for Warwickshire Life magazine in May 2012 where she talks about animal behaviour and her book Understanding The Silent Communication of Dogs.

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Our Dogs, May 2012

Review of "Understanding the silent communication of dogs" by Rosie Lowry, in newsletter

Rosie’s book “Understanding the Silent Communication of Dogs” was reviewed in Issue 491 of The review is just over halfway down the page.

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British Horse, May 2012

Rosie Lowry offers tips for dogs and horses to co-exist. Published in British Horse magazine, May 2012

Rosie offers advice to dog owners on how to prepare them for meetings with other animals, such as horses.

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VetClick, February 2012

Former student Rose invited back to Solihull College

Read about Rosie’s return to her former college where she talks about her book Understanding the silent communication of dogs.

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Solihull Observer, November 2011

Solihull Observer November 2011

Rosie was interviewed by the Solihull Observer newspaper in November 2011, where she talks about her book “Understanding the Silent Communication of Dogs”

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