Sandy nose dog
About me

Rosie Lowry

Throughout my life I have kept and worked with a broad range of animals (including several dogs!) and also had my own successful pet sitting business. I have qualifications in animal care and management, and have also completed my OCN on the Sheila Harper IDBTS course.

I am the proud owner of Pogo, a rescue crossbreed from the Border Collie Trust; and Hagrid, a rescued English mastiff who was in very poor health, nervous and would have been perceived as a potentially dangerous dog. They have taught me so much — as have all my dogs — and now I am able to help them have a better life due to what I have learnt from the IDBTS course and working with Sheila Harper Ltd. I only wish I knew 20 years ago what I know now.

Rosie with Hagrid

Having had previous experience of many different types of training and behavioural methods — most of which relied on exercising some form of dominance or control over the dog — I realised that, at best, they produced only short-term results, but more usually made matters worse.

After attending further courses run by Sheila and other similarly enlightened people, I am now able to use my knowledge, qualifications and experience to help people to understand their dogs, work with them to develop a positive relationship, deal with existing issues and prevent problems developing.

“A good relationship that works is about understanding, sharing and trust. With this dual relationship it lays down a solid foundation for the partnership to flourish and encourages problems to dissipate”

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