Emma and Phil with crossbreed 'Doogie' 2013

We re-homed Doogie, a six year old terrier cross, from a rescue centre in the knowledge that he had a few problems. Doogie is a stressed dog and is anxious about most things particularly with visitors to the house and going for walks especially if we see people, cyclists and other dogs. We came across Rosie’s book which made so much sense to us so decided to make contact. Rosie met with us to talk through day to day life with Doogie and our expectations. We talked through some changes that we could make and put them into action. Straight away we started to feel more confident and began to understand Doogie and how to help him relax. Rosie has a very easy and approachable style with helpful and practical suggestions which have made a real difference, she is a great support to all of us. We have been delighted to recommend her to friends and are continuing to work with her ourselves.

Rosie writes: Doogie had had to be rehomed several times in his life, which had unsettled him and led to the problems he was struggling with. This is now his fifth home in about six years, also he’s spent long spells in rescue centres. Emma, Phil and I have been working as a team to help him gently and systematically address his issues, it’s been a slow process with gradual steps being taken. Emma and Phil are marvellous owners, showing great patience and intelligence in taking things at exactly the right pace. I hope Doogie understands how lucky he is to have found such great people to live with, at last.