Sandy nose dog

Chris and Chris with Crossbreed "Madge" 2012

We have the most wonderful dog – Magic. She is generally calm and full of life, but when we used to take her for a walk she became very aggressive when she saw another dog. We were put in touch with Rosie via Shelia Harper. Rosie showed us from day one that we were not actually helping our dog with her anxiety. Magic could sense our feelings and she did not always feel secure with us. We have learned so much with Rosie, she has given us so many strategies to help both us and our dog. Going out for a walk with our dog is now a pleasure rather than a chore. We feel that we now understand our dog so much better and she feels so much safer with us. The advice that we have been given was tailored for us and our needs and as a result the guidance we received was perfect. Thank you Rosie!

We are very pleased with the sessions and it is very reassuring to know that you understand that we want to keep Madge’s personality, and we want a dog not some robot! We feel we know her better and we think she realises that we understand her a little more.

The sessions are a real eye opener and do make perfect sense. We know that we shall have to book more sessions – Rome wasn’t built in a day!