Sandy nose dog

Jane and Steve with Weimaraner 'Bruno' 2008

Rosie has a calming manner and showed great people skills in offering advice and suggestions to help us. She helped enormously with Bruno.

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Linda and Kevin, with Jess (Cross Collie) 2010

Kevin and Jess

Rosie came into what I can only describe as a very tense and difficult situation with a really open minded approach. She quickly grasped the situation we were in and was able to offer us workable, achievable solutions to an ongoing problem.

I would not hesitate in recommending Rosie to anyone.

Thank you Rosie

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Jean, with Rumba (Labrador) 2011

Meeting Rosie and learning about her way of working with dogs has completely changed my outlook for the better.

She truly talks their language and I feel privileged to have experienced her teachings.

Thank you Rosie.

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Carol, with Border Collie 'Bailey' 2011

Bailey had a terrible problem with spinning, really badly, for the slightest reason and he just would not relax, he was always on the go with one thing or another, which was beginning to cause problems with myself and my husband, he actually wanted Bailey re-homed.

We were also having problems with Bailey when we took him for walks in the park.

We had spent a lot of money on interactive doggy toys to try to slow him down, then in comes Rosie with some different suggestions. After a while Bailey lay down in the living room. I just could not believe it, he never relaxes in the day time. (Rosie) really cares and I recommend her to anybody having problems with their dog.

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