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I am an associate member of the Pet Dog Trainers of Europe.
I am a member of IntoDogs.


Sheila Harper
Canine Communication and Lead Aggression.
Turid Rugaas
Turid is an internationally renowned expert on canine body language and writer of bestselling books on the topic.
Dog Games Shop
I often recommend my clients to use a harness rather than a collar when walking their dogs. Dog Games, operated by Sally Hopkins, manufacture the fleece-lined harnesses I use for my own dogs. Sally also provides a great range of toys which stimulate and entertain dogs in a sensible way without getting them overexcited, something else I often advise.
Miriam Krause - Vet
A friend and colleague, Miriam Krause is a Veterinary Surgeon living in the Shetland Islands. Not only has Miriam qualified as a vet - she is also qualified as a Behaviourist and a Bowen Technique Practitioner.
Vetclick is the primary resource site for Veterinary Surgeons, Surgery Staff and Pet Owners looking to find a reputable Vet in their local area. An excellent News section and a great Calendar function make sure you will be kept up-to-date with latest developments in the Pet World.
Cavalier Matters
Our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Jaffa, suffered with a few of the genetic disorders typical of the breed. We managed to make her life a LOT more comfortable by offering her a calm, quiet environment to live in. The Cavalier Matters website is a supporter of this approach, and so we are a supporter of them!


David Penn
An old friend, David, kindly allowed us to use a picture of his dog Blammo for the website. David's an award-winning magician, as seen on the ITV programme "Britain's Got Talent".
Cat vs. Internet
Dogs (like cats) will use behaviour as a way to attract your attention. They will see any kind of reaction, positive OR negative as their reward for the behaviour. This cartoon shows how!
Animal Emotions
Researchers are beginning to study the emotional reactions of animals to different events. Here, the scientist and author John Balcombe shows some emotional responses from a range of animals.
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