Cute pup
How I work

A collaborative approach

The educational dog walks I offer are designed to show you how a more realistic and effective method of training works. You will have the opportunity to learn how to “connect” with your dog and to understand the myriad of signals your pet is trying to communicate.

What to expect
  • My respect for each individual dog and client.
  • A deeper understanding of dog behaviour and body language.
  • Looking at walks from a dogs’ perspective.
  • Teaching you and your dog how to deal with real life scenarios.
  • Working with your dog’s communication signals as they convey messages to each other and to people.
  • An insight to their world, therefore helping you to understand your dog and what is going on when they meet other animals and people.
  • Nothing bad will happen to your dog. No sprays, choke chains, head collars, electric collars, no bullying into submission, harsh voices and no “quick fixes”. Quick fixes rarely work long term.

What I expect from you

  • To be open to new ideas.

This way of working has changed my life and more so, those of my dogs. Previously I had dogs who exhibited all the classic behaviour problems (some learnt from encounters at training classes and in running free, “playing” with other dogs) but now they are contented, relaxed and easy going members of the family. My aim is to help you with your dogs so they can be as calm and chilled out as mine are and to work with them through any difficulties while out in the world at large.

How I work

  1. I can visit you and your dog in your own home or we can arrange a suitable meeting place.
  2. I am guided by the communication each dog offers.
  3. Educational walks — teaching you how and what to do in situations your dog finds difficult.
  4. Each session will include a mixture of theory and practical.
  5. One-to-one sessions, tailor made to suit your dog and their needs.
  6. Where and when appropriate, working with another dog.

Typical things I deal with:

  • Pulling / biting on lead – Teaching dogs to go at appropriate pace.
  • Recall.
  • Demanding / destructive behaviour.
  • Relationship problems between dog and owner.
  • Relationship problems between dogs.
  • Introductions to another dog/s.
  • How to deal with people and animals in the environment.
  • Apparent aggression towards other dogs and people / jumping up.
  • Use of appropriate equipment. How to use equipment effectively in the environment.
  • Teaching canine communication and how we can use our body language effectively.
  • Separation problems.
  • Rescue / Re-homed dogs.
  • Car travel.
  • Chasing behaviours.
  • Biting

This list isn’t finite. If there is something else that concerns you about your dog, I may well be able to help; just get in touch.