Cute pup

Dog, Man's Best Friend

[Written by David Lowry, aged 14 yrs, and printed in the Coleshill Gazette, July 2008]

In today’s modern Britain we worship our furry friends and treat them as equals and sometimes better than equal. Yet still we see incidents of dogs biting loving owners with nothing but good intentions for no apparent reason. Until recently, these canines have been deemed “vicious” and “dangerous” and destroyed for the “safety” of the general public and their owners. This mystery of unexplained aggression has gone on for many years unsolved, until now.

The theory of stress causing dogs to attack their owners is one that is now developing a wide following. Stress in dogs can be caused by a great number of things such as being frightened by noisy children or being shouted at.

Another theory is that dogs emit physical traits to pass across a message to other dogs, messages such as “leave me alone”, these are called ‘calming signals’ and can be interpreted by humans. For example, we often see dogs yawning and we think that they are tired but they could also be interpreted as a signal to other dogs to reduce levels of stress.

If interpreted correctly, these signals could revolutionize the way we communicate with our canine companions. A strongly held ideology with most of the disciples of the stress theory is that instead of training our dogs to be our minion and try to rule them with fear, we should try to build a strong bond with our dog and share respect, this will ultimately lead to a better relationship between you and your dog.


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